Monday, September 29, 2014

Fern’s Fabulous First

“I was concerned but I figured that inviting Autumn Fern to sell with me at an art show probably wouldn’t kill either of us,” said Sarah Daffodil. Daffodil enjoys spending time with Fern but Fern had never had to sit in an outdoor, full-sun art booth for six hours. Daffodil wondered if the long day would lead to agony for all. “She was delightful!” Daffodil announced after the event, “Everyone enjoyed seeing her and I’d be glad to have her with me at another art show!”

The show was one that Daffodil had done several times before at The Sautee Nacoochee Center. Daffodil sold her card sets, cornhusk dolls, necklaces, etc. Fern sold her new cornhusk sheep. Mayor Asher Ply Wood used to be Acorn Hill’s sheep maker but after finding other ways of making money that he preferred he gave his sheep making business to Fern. Fern greatly enjoys making the tiny cornhusk and wool sheep and has developed her own style. She had nine sheep at the show and sold every one of them by lunch time. “I’m really glad that I got it by lunch time because people get their lunch and they already had their sheep,” Fern said.

Because Fern behaved herself and was obedient Daffodil was able to allow her freedom to roam around the festival after the last sheep was sold. Fern made purchases, took photos of dogs and collected compliments on her 1800s costume that she was wearing. At the end of the day she was surprised to find that the indigo-colored pottery fish that she’d been eyeing had become hers. The artist who had made the fish had offered to trade it with Daffodil for one of her cornhusk dolls as a gift for Fern. “It was really fun because Sarah traded a doll for a really good fish made of clay and I bought a dog for $8. The dog was made of clay. And they gave me for free a chicken made of clay and that’s what I have to say,” said Fern.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The King and I and Plywood and Fern

Siam met Acorn Hill in May this year when Mayor Asher Ply Wood and Autumn Fern joined the cast of 53 others for the colorful onstage production of The King and I.

Fern had her hair dyed black, "I like my blond hair," she said, "but black is more Kind and I- ish". She was thrilled when she landed the role as Princess Yang Yaowalak. Prior to this Fern was not sure if she would have any lines.

Ply Wood was cast as a scientific dog as well as a prince. "My favorite part was being a scientific dog," said Ply Wood. In this role he was part of a "complicated dance scene" as Main House President Dad called it.

The show was a hit. In ran over two weekends with a waiting list of 70 at one point.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Intrtoducing Holly Rose

An eight pound package of vibrant joy was delivered to Acorn Hill on July 9, 2012. Holly Rose was welcomed as the latest citizen.

Dancing, reading, drawing, kissing and praying are some of the things she likes doing. Acorn Hill citizens, bubble baths, outings, make up, pretty clothes and diapers are some of the things she likes.

"You made my dream be born, that would be Holly," said Autumn Fern to Main House First Lady Mom. Autumn Fern and Rose share a room in The Main House.

Rose's vocabulary expands daily. Citizens enjoy hearing their names.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Celebrating Dad


Main House President Dad is always celebrated when he comes home from a trip, but this time there was actually a party for him, since it was Father's Day.

Citizens of Acorn Hill all worked together as Dad and Nathaniel Barn Loft made their way home from a dulcimer event in Ohio. On Father's Day morning they stopped along the Georgia/South Carolina border to fish before the festivities.

Octopus hot dogs once again topped the menu. This year Mayor Asher Ply Wood and Autumn Fern prepared this dish alone. pineapple upside-down cake with strawberries and whipped cream was served for dessert. "Any dad who doesn't have pineapple upside-down cake topped like strawberry shortcake for Father's Day is missing out," the president said.

Dad was thrilled with all of his gifts, one being a light that helps with tying fishing flies.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mayor Brings Home the Bag

Opening day for Little League baseball was more than a parade, more than a talk, more than things to bounce on for Mayor Asher Ply Wood. It marked the start of his one-bag journey to and from the ball field.

Main House President Dad took part in the festivities by entering a drawing. His secret hope was to win a gift certificate to take Main House First Lady Mom to a local restaurant. What he won was a baseball bag big enough for a toddler to hide inside.

No longer did Ply Wood have to carry two heavy bags: one with catching gear, the other with his bat, glove, drink and sunscreen. Everything fit into his new bag on wheels.

"When I was in Little League no one had bags," said Dad. "I just put my glove on the end of my bat and showed up."

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Rain Gift

What else could the Acorn Hill Citizens do when the sky darkened and started dripping rain? They filed outdoors taking advantage of it.

Mayor Asher Ply Wood and Main House First Lady Mom sat on the porch swing discussing the newness of Holly Rose playing in it. "Last year at this time if I had taken her out in the rain she would have just sat there," said Mom. Ply Wood carried Rose onto the driveway. Her sad face told him that she still was not ready to run around in it. Instead, she simply wanted to touch it, taking it in slowly.

Meanwhile those citizens more experienced with rain had a mud ball fight. Unfortunately Eli Hemlock was not playing this game when Ply Wood threw a ball right at him. Aside from this mishap residents enjoyed their rain gift.


Monday, May 26, 2014

Egg-siting Eggs

Quiche, scrambled eggs, hard boiled eggs, pancakes, personal cakes... the possibilities of great food go on and on.

Acorn Hill citizens were given organic eggs from two sources, both great friends. "They're absolutely amazing!" said Autumn Fern. Existing food in the refrigerator of The Main House was pushed back and pushed over to make room for 75 eggs.